DTDC Courier Tracking

We provide the secure, best, fastest DTDC courier tracking tool which works with 100% accuracy and provide the most latest result of your courier status.

Select the Waybill no. or Ref No and enter the DTDC tracking number of your package and click the track button to get the courier tracking status of your package

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DTDC Tracking

DTDC Tracking allows every customer of this company to check the shipping online. In the field above, enter the tracking code and the service will process the data for you. The information on how to track or cancel my order can be found on the official website: www.dtdc.com. However, our portal offers you the exact information about the location of your DTDC COURIER cargo around the clock.

Below is the Steps to track blue dart courier:

1)Go to the DTDC Tracking . You will see a DTDC online tracking form.

2)Select the waybill no. or refernce no. you have recieved from DTDC.

3) Enter the Waybill no. Or Reference no. given in the DTDC tracking form.

4) Click Track button to get status of DTDC courier

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DTDC Courier Tracking


DTDC stands for desk Courier and cargo service desktop. DTDC is the oldest courier service built in 1990 in India. It offers many services from domestic to international. Some of the special services offered by DTDC are DTDC Plus, DTDC blue and DTDC value added services.

DTDC is India's largest domestic delivery network company offering various bespoke services ranging from domestic to international. DTDC supplies to the remote places in India with the help of 3700 business partners spread over the length and breath of India.

DTDC Tracking Number

DTDC Courier uses 9-11 digit DTDC tracking number for shipments. You should be able to see the DTDC Courier tracking number on your slip, which will be given to you by DTDC Courier executives/agents when booking the package/Consignment.

Each slip has the tracking number has combination 3 Alphabet, representing the zone/district followed by 9-11 digits. (eg: PKD12437678).

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DTDC Tracking Number

DTDC SMS Tracker

DTDC SMS Tracker is an SMS-based solution that allows our customer to operate multiple services just by sending the predefined keywords to a specific mobile phone number. Services such as tracking (domestic & International), pin-code serviceability, and city-ability are provided via SMS tracker:

To track shipping, enter "track <space> shipment number" and send SMS to 9230092300 (example: Track B22399923).

To check the serviceable city, type ' city <space> city name ' and send SMS to 9230092300 (example: City Agra).

DTDC Email Tracking

To track DTDC courier ,send an Email to the DTDC Courier Customer care Requesting Track Courier status. customersupport@dtdc.com

DTDC Customer Care

If customers could not get shipping tracking details online or via mobile or email, you can call DTDC customer service. To get customer care no. of DTDC , Click here: DTDC Customer Support.

DTDC Courier Tracking Tutorial

To track dtdc courier please refer below video.This video will give proper steps to track dtdc courier india -www.dtdc.in.

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